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Pet Health & Nutrition

Moonee Beach Veterinary Surgery has a lot of helpful information for keeping your pet healthy and happy through every stage of their life.

General Health & Wellbeing

It is important for your pets to undergo scheduled veterinary health checks and testing so we can detect any health problems that could pose a threat to your pet’s life. We recommend annual health checks for young and middle aged pets, whilst senior pets require a minimum of 6 monthly checks. Listed below are some of the most important health screenings for your pet:

Puppies and kittens (0-12 months):

Adult cats and dogs (1-6 years):

Senior dogs and cats (7 years and up):

A Dog Jumping Over the Fence — Veterinarian in Moonee Beach, NSW
Cat Beside A Telephone — Veterinarian in Moonee Beach, NSW

When Should I Call My Vet?

Call your vet to maintain good pet health, discuss the best dietary options, if you are concerned that your pet is not well or if you are experiencing behavioural issues.

If your pet experiences any of the following, please call your vet urgently:

Trauma & Heat Stress

It can be difficult to assess your pet’s trauma, especially if it involves internal injuries. This is why we recommend bringing in your pet immediately after a traumatic accident so we can properly assess your pet’s condition, even if they appear uninjured.

Traumatic wounds may also be much worse than they initially appear and could develop more complications if they do not receive veterinary treatment as soon as possible. This may also cause pain in your pets depending on the severity of their injuries. 

Heat stress is a state of excessive increase in body temperature. Its symptoms include lethargy, excessive panting, vomiting and diarrhoea, muscle spasms and unconsciousness. Immediate emergency treatment is required if your pet is experiencing heat stress, as sudden death can occur if left untreated.

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