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Puppy School in Moonee Beach

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Obedience & Health Care Training

Bringing a new puppy home is an exciting experience and attending Puppy School is a fantastic way to start your puppy’s life.

Our 5 week Puppy School course covers basic obedience training and is an excellent way to safely socialise young pups. In addition, Puppy School provides invaluable tips on training and health care for your puppy. It is important you spend time helping your new ‘family member’ feel safe and comfortable in their new home, and training is beneficial to all dogs.

The Puppy School classes use reward-based training methods (positive reinforcement) which is both enjoyable for your puppy and helps to positively strengthen the bond between you and your pet.

Puppy school

Our puppy school is built on fun, play-based learning systems that is incorporated into how they socialise and interact with other living creatures and learning how to be resilient and confident pups. They are also trained to learn specific skills via obedience training.


This class is created specifically to make sure that all of our pup students have a great experience. By the time your pet is done with our puppy school program, they should be relatively calm when faced with scary sights and unfamiliar surfaces and sounds. They should have also developed basic social skills without losing focus on their owner.

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Two Puppies Playing — Veterinarian in Moonee Beach, NSW

Puppy Primary School

Our puppy primary school is a great follow-up to our puppy preschool program. The puppy primary program is tailored for pups aged 16 weeks and above and focuses on developing behavioural cues and building engagement with their owners.


By the end of the 5-week puppy primary school, puppies can now respond to a number of verbal cues for different obedience trainings such as informal heeling. They will also learn how to maintain their focus on their owner during social and environmental pressures.


We also have specialised training sessions for pups that need specific training programs. This includes conditioned relaxation exercises, socialisation and environmental habituation training. We can also provide training for adoptive fur parents on how to teach common obedience behaviours to their pets.


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