Dog & Cat Blood Tests

Our skilled team of veterinarians and nurses are here to provide your pet with high-quality veterinary care throughout every stage of their life. Part of that care is providing an in-house pathology service, including dog and cat blood tests. Ideally, we recommend annual blood tests for your pets.


Our clinical pathology services include laboratory evaluations of your pet’s body tissue and bodily fluids such as blood and urine for disease identification. Here are some of our lab tests:

• Complete blood count
• Blood chemistry
• Urinalysis
• Faecal floatation and Faecal Egg Counts
• Histopathology
• Cultures & infectious disease testing.

We have an in-house laboratory equipped with the latest technology to ensure all diagnostics are rapid and accurate. Plus, if your pet requires other specialised lab tests, we can immediately send samples to an affiliated external veterinary laboratory. So, call us today to see how we can provide a diagnosis for your pet.

Why do pets need blood tests?

Blood tests are the most revealing of all health checks. Indeed, dog and cat blood tests let us see how a pet’s internal organs are functioning, the presence of disease, and the condition of the immune system.

What do dog and cat blood tests reveal?

Typical dog and cat blood tests look at the kidney, liver, and pancreatic function. Also, enzymes can be evaluated, revealing muscle damage or inflammation. In addition, red and white blood cells are also tested. These tests show inflammation, infection, hydration status, anaemia, and immune system responses. Lastly, blood tests are used to monitor the effects of drug treatments and as a pre-op test before anaesthetic use.

How are blood tests done?

Blood tests are conducted quickly during a regular vet consultation. A tiny amount of blood is taken via a needle and put into vials ready for testing in-house. Your pet won’t feel a thing, and it’ll be over in no time.

Contact Moonee Beach Veterinary Surgery today to arrange a Dog or Cat Blood Test. Call (02) 6656 4024 or send us a message.

Dog & Cat Blood Tests