Puppy Preschool

Expert Obedience & Health Care Training

Bringing a new puppy home is an exciting experience and attending Puppy Preschool is a fantastic way to start your puppy’s life. Our 4-week Puppy Preschool course covers basic obedience training and is an excellent way to socialise young pups safely. In addition, Puppy Preschool provides invaluable tips on training and health care for your puppy. Moreover, you must spend time helping your new ‘family member’ feel safe and comfortable in their new home, and training is beneficial to all dogs.

The Puppy Preschool classes use reward-based training methods (positive reinforcement). This is enjoyable for your puppy and helps strengthen the bond between you and your pet positively.

Fun and Professional Puppy Preschool

Our puppy preschool is built on fun, play-based learning systems. This is incorporated into how they socialise and interact with other living animals. Thus, learning how to be resilient and confident pups. Also, all puppies are trained to learn specific skills via obedience training.

Puppy Preschool Outcomes

This class is created specifically to ensure that all our pup students have a wonderful experience. Plus, when your pet has completed our puppy preschool program, they should be calm when faced with scary sights and unfamiliar surfaces and sounds. Crucially, they should also have developed basic social skills without losing focus on their owner.

Where is the Puppy Preschool?

We’re located just ten minutes north of Coffs Harbour next to the Moonee Beach Hotel and Moonee Beach Market and Shopping Centre. Our puppy preschool and vet surgery provide services for animals throughout the greater Coffs Harbour area. Plus, we have ample, easy parking right outside the veterinary surgery. Emergency after-hours service is available.

Talk to our friendly team at Moonee Beach Veterinary Surgery today and find out about our fabulous Puppy Preschool. Call (02) 6656 4024 or send us a message.