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Animal Care & Treatment

Moonee Beach Veterinary Surgery knows that keeping your pet healthy is an essential part of pet ownership.

Every stage of your pet’s life is different and we will guide you throughout their lifetime, providing advice on diet, training (puppy school) and behavioural issues, preventative health care such as vaccinations and parasite control, desexing, microchips, grooming, emergencies, illness and aged care.


Our vets will be more than happy to assist you and your beloved pets with our personalised consultation service. We will discuss your pet’s official diagnosis as well as treatment options to help you make informed decisions regarding your pet’s health. We will gladly provide any advice that can help you decide on behalf of your pet.

Nixon Dog — Veterinarian in Moonee Beach, NSW
Eve Cat — Veterinarian in Moonee Beach, NSW

Hospital Care

Our clinic has dog and cat wards in low-stress environments that will give your pets a comfortable place to rest and sleep while we take care of them. Our wards have wide, roomy cages with soft beddings and caring staff who will make sure that your pets get the right kind of care they need.


Microchipping is a pet identification method wherein a small implant is injected under your pet’s skin. This microchip has a unique code that can be detected by a microchip scanner. Dogs and cats in NSW are required by law to be microchipped and registered on the NSW Companion Animal Register.


Ponies and horses are also required to have microchips before receiving their initial Hendra virus vaccination. Their microchips are inserted into the nuchal ligament two inches below the mane.

Pet Insurance Form — Veterinarian in Moonee Beach, NSW

Pet Insurance

Enroll your pets in our pet insurance program and give them the best possible treatment and care. Insuring your pets is useful during periods of illnesses or injury. We offer 4 weeks’ worth of free pet insurance for kittens and puppies from 8 weeks to 1 year old. Cover starts 72 hours after the free insurance activation.

Preventative Care

We provide a range of preventative products against the following internal and external parasites:
Preventative care is also essential for horses, sheep and other exotic animals. Contact our clinic today for more information.
Dog And Cat Under Blanket — Veterinarian in Moonee Beach, NSW
Dog With Skin Allergy — Veterinarian in Moonee Beach, NSW

Skin Disorders

Skin disorders are one of the most common health problems among domesticated animals such as cats and dogs. This can be caused by anything from allergies, infections, skin parasites, stress and metabolic problems.


Diagnosis of skin disorders can be complex and may require long-term treatment. Talk to our staff for more information on our skin disorder treatment plans.


Vaccinations are an important aspect of keeping your pets safe and healthy. This stimulates your pet’s immune system and helps it produce antibodies to help them fight against contagious diseases. Regular booster vaccinations are required throughout the duration of your pet’s life to ensure that they remain safe from diseases.


Contact us and we will gladly give you expert advice on what vaccination regimen will best suit your pet’s needs.

Animal Surgery — Veterinarian in Moonee Beach, NSW

Surgical Procedures

Our veterinarians are capable of performing a wide range of surgical procedures. This includes reproductive surgery, soft tissue surgery, orthopaedic and reconstructive surgery. We also provide pain relief, pain management and other aftercare services to all of our patients.

Emergency Care

Outside of normal business hours, Moonee Beach Veterinary Surgery is partnered with the Coffs Combined Veterinary After hours Service (CCVAS). This partnership, gives your pet the opportunity to receive 24 hour emergency veterinary treatment.


If your pet has been treated at another clinic, kindly notify us so we can receive the relevant patient history.

Puppy Surgery — Veterinarian in Moonee Beach, NSW