Dog & Cat Desexing

Moonee Beach Vet Surgery highly recommends dog & cat desexing (also known as spaying, sterilisation, neutering, or castrating). Desexing has two major benefits. Firstly, the number of unwanted puppies and kittens in animal shelters can be significantly reduced. Secondly, the operation has various health benefits for your pet. So, if you’re looking for dog & cat desexing in Coffs Harbour, contact our caring and expert veterinary team today.

Spaying Females

Spaying, or desexing female animals, can help minimise disease of the reproductive organs and the mammary glands. In addition, spaying prevents unwanted pregnancies. It also takes away the messy issue when females come “on heat”.

Neutering Males

There are many benefits from neutering or desexing males, as they become less likely to roam, fight with other males, or urine-mark their territory, plus they are less likely to develop prostatic disease later. Testicular disease including cancer is also prevented.

Dog & Cat Desexing FAQ

How much does it cost to desex a dog or a cat?
The cost depends on the sex, size, and life stage. The cost range for a dog is $300-$500 and cat desexing ranges from $150 to $350.
When is the best time to desex my pet?
Dog & Cat desexing is usually performed at about six months old.
Can an adult dog still be desexed?
Dogs of any age can be desexed.

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Dog & Cat Desexing